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Buying Cheap Refurbished Laptops

Author: Max Bellamy

When comparing refurbished laptop models, ask about these specifications:

Central Processing Unit: The CPU or processor is the heart of the computer. The more software you want in your refurbished laptop, the more powerful the processor has to be. A 32-bit processor is less powerful and less expensive than a 64-bit processor.

Operating System: The operating system, or OS, is the graphic interface between you and whatever programs you are running. Windows and Unix are the two main families of operating systems. Windows is the more common interface, and therefore less expensive.

Screen Size: Smaller does not necessarily mean cheaper; some smaller models are just as powerful as some larger models but more portable.

Hard Drive Size: The hard drive, or HD, is the permanent information storage disk inside the unit. HD capacity is measured in gigabytes. A GB is one billion bytes. A byte is a piece of information, such as text, sound, or picture. The larger the HD is, the more software it can handle and the more expensive the laptop will be.

Hard Drive Speed: HD speed is measured in revolutions per minute - usually 5000 to 15,000 RPM. The faster the HD, the better and more expensive the laptop will be.

Random Access Memory: The RAM is the temporary storage chip that continually updates information while you are using the computer. Today 64 megabytes is the entry level RAM size, suitable for running many programs simultaneously. The greater the storage capacity of the RAM, the more powerful and expensive it is.

Media Bay: The media bay contains the slots for playing and recording CDs and DVDs. Older laptops might only allow the playing of CDs, whereas newer laptops allow you to both play and record CDs and/or DVDs. The more features there are in the media bay, the more you can do with your laptop, and the more you will spend.

Modem: Modems can take the form of dial-up telephone modems, or fast cable or direct satellite linkup modems. The faster your type of modem is, the more easily you will be able to surf the web and the more costly your laptop will be.

The price will be affected by all these specifications, along with added features, how well preserved the chassis is, the name of the manufacturer, and whether you acquire the laptop form the factory or through a private dealer. Private dealers charge less, but beware: not all dealers are up to par with their refurbishing skills. Be sure to go to one that is reputable and experienced.
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Refurbished Laptops Info provides detailed information on quality, cheap refurbished laptops by manufacturers like Dell, IBM, Toshiba, and HP, as well as refurbished laptop batteries and related products. Refurbished Laptops Info is the sister site of Rack Mount Computers Web.

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