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“Just In Case” Party Invitation: BYO Pets, Laptops & Kids !

Author: Diana Barnum

“Just In Case” Party Invitation: BYO Pets, Laptops & Kids !
The Laptop Guy Sponsors First Annual Fundraiser To Benefit The Franklin County Dog Shelter

Pets, Laptops and Kids – oh my! To help the community prepare for a safe, fun-filled summer, The Laptop Guy and his well-known K9 companion, Zoe, are sponsoring a fundraising party called, “Just In Case,” to benefit the Franklin County Dog Shelter. “Just in Case ” will feature prevention and protection services for pets, laptops and kids of all ages and will take place at the Westerville Center, Sunday, May 1st from 12:00 – 3:00.

“The first 100 party guests to make a $20 donation to Franklin County Dog Shelter will receive a free laptop wireless network card as a thank you from The Laptop Guy and Zoe,” said Todd Feit, aka The Laptop Guy. "We rescued Zoe five years ago and she contributes so much everyday to our personal and professional lives. Supporting the shelter is our way of fostering brighter futures for the thousands of dogs, like Zoe, that the shelter rescues every year."

The community is invited to come out and participate in a variety of activities:

· Pet Micro-chipping service will be available during the event for a $30 donation to benefit the Franklin County Dog Shelter.

· “What If” children fingerprinting program sponsored by the Westerville Police Department will be available to help with quick reuniting of children with their families.

· 97.1 TED FM will broadcast live and offer prizes from 12 – 1 pm

· Bicycle safety demonstrations and helmet fittings will be offered by the BikeSource to improve and increase safe practices for riders of all ages.

· Adoptable dogs from the Franklin County Dog Shelter will be onsite looking for new homes and new people to love!

· The Laptop Guy will be on hand to discuss any laptop concerns you may have and his new laptop protection plan that covers your laptop against theft or accidental damage.

History In the Making

The “Just in Case” fundraiser will serve as the official launch of The Laptop Guy Protection Plan that covers your loss in the event of accidental damage and theft. During the “Just In Case” party, even if you didn’t buy your laptop from The Laptop Guy, you can add their protection plan for as little as $69 per year with no deductible and be covered.

About The Laptop Guy

The Laptop Guy founder Todd Feit began selling used laptops computers in January 2000 from a rented counter within a Beanie Baby store on Riverside Drive in Columbus, Ohio. After being referred to as “The Laptop Guy” on a regular basis by his customers, he officially incorporated the company and registered the name in March of 2000. In October 2001, The Laptop Guy store moved to its’ current location in Grandview at 1440 West Fifth Avenue and expanded its’ retail offerings to include not only used laptop computers, but also new laptops, laptop accessories, and laptop repair.

After obtaining the federal trademark for “The Laptop Guy” in January 2004, the company began to offer nationwide laptop repair services through its website A second retail location in Westerville at 587 South State Street opened in January 2005. Plans for a nationwide rental division and laptop protection plan are currently in development with scheduled launch dates later this year.

For more information about the “Just in Case” Party, contact: Tonya Feit, Director of Marketing & Expansion, The Laptop Guy, Inc. Call: (614) 942-2662 Retail Store Office or (614) 218-0549 Cell Phone. Visit online at: or email:

So come out and support your community. Find out how you can protect your pet, your PC and your kids. And have fun and meet your neighbors!



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